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Esthetician Program

​ Advanced Professional Skin Care

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                                                      Online Catalog Vol  14 , January 2019

Also Esthetician and Massage Combo program Complete in 8-10 months.

$2,000 off individual programs. 

Approved and Regulated  by the Division of Private Occupational Schools Colorado Department of Higher Education

Exceeds the State Requirements for a Colorado State Esthetician License with the Division of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) 

General Schedule:
2-3 days a week
4-6 hour class blocks 

600 hour Program 


Esthetician Program Description

The Esthetician program includes facials, massage, and spa treatments, hair removal and makeup in an in depth, treatment and hands-on program. We will explore many types of popular basic and specialty facials such as hydrating, exfoliating, treatment oriented for scarring and acne, specialty for aging and sensitive skin and more. Students will learn how to combine these popular facials with specialty machines and techniques to get the best results for your clients. Students will grasp a complete understanding of the different types of peels and chemical agents for lasting and immediate benefits. Students will learn the physiological reactions of chemical facial agents on the skin, as well as how to determine what facials are suitable for each skin type and condition. Students will be able to perform pretreatment skin analysis and explanation of the procedures to the client.

 Add on treatments to facials can be an important business edge. This course will also cover body treatments, advanced massage techniques within the scope of practice like lymphatic and shiatsu for the face, hands and head, reflexology hand and foot treatments, parafango, wraps, scrubs, paraffin dips, aromatherapy and more.  Hair removal includes a variety of methods and is a very popular esthetician service. This course will go over the hair growth cycle and various types of hair removal including shaving, depilatories, tweezing, waxing, threading, sugaring, electrolysis and laser hair removal. Students will learn a variety of waxing methods including sugaring, hard and soft waxes for face and body for men and women. We will also cover client safety and protection, contraindications of hair removal, disinfection, sanitation, and state rules. An effective client consultation is key to a satisfactory result, students will learn to evaluate a client’s skin and hair to meet their goals for the best results possible and use appropriate documentation for informed consent and release.   The proper use of makeup has been used for centuries to enhance, conceal, and express a person’s unique beauty. This course will go over basic makeup principals such as skin types, disorders, colors, and tones necessary for flawless application. Students will learn how to highlight and contour the various facial shapes to achieve a beautiful daytime, special occasion and evening looks for individuals and for parties. Exploring the needs at different stages of life and skin will be covered as well. Students will learn proper cleaning, safe work practices, and sanitation of all tools necessary for makeup application.  We will cover Colorado state rules and regulations regarding legal applications of esthetic procedures, scope of practice definitions and medical esthetics, and salon/workplace safety and health.  Students will gain hand-on practice of all proper sanitation, disposal of instruments, use in treatments and infection protection for supplies and instruments used for all treatments. Student will gain an understanding of the day in the life of an esthetician focused around clinical, practical experience in the school clinic supervised by licensed estheticians faculty, utilizing all the skills necessary for intentional, safe, and effective treatments for their clients. Demonstrations of advanced techniques will round out this thorough technique and hands-on program.  

Esthetician Program
Massage Program Cost: $6,947.
    Registration Fee (non refundable)             $650.
    Supplies  (non refundable)                               $800.
    Clinic & Lab Fees  (non refundable)            $700.
    Tuition                                                        $4,797.

Interest Free Payment Plan
Payment schedule: Minimum $500 down
Approximately $500. per month for 12 months