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Online Catalog Vol 15, Feb 2021

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Program Introduction
Hybrid Program Options
School Classroom and Facility
Program and Campus Highlights

Value in Education
Financial Aid Tools & Options
Payment Plans
Education Loans
Bear Heart School  is committed to responsible lending

Program Introduction
Every program offered at Bear Heart School  was designed and created by the founder and owner, Sheryl Daniel with input from industry experts. Sheryl has immense experience with many different healing modalities that is evident in her classes and programs. As an educator herself for over 29 years, she understands the importance of well rounded, meticulously designed courses to bring out the infinite possibilities in every student.  Personal and professional connections in the healing and education community also provided the invaluable expertise and input that created the exciting education programs taught at Bear Heart School of Massage. Bear Heart School  does not mix the professional business of a salon or clinic to distract us from our commitment to giving our students the best learning experience possible and our complete, undivided attention. All clinics and spas have their own way of doing things and if you learn only one way, their way, you will be at a disadvantage in your employment search and private practice building after graduation.  
Bear Heart School’s outstanding instructors include professionals from the many different areas of instruction including: massage therapists, estheticians, medical estheticians, movement therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, reflexologists, aromatherapists, and a host of other holistic health disciplines. The faculty are required to have, or have had, their own practices or have worked in their field of specialty, many have been practicing for 30 + years, with a combined professional experience of over 100 years. Training in instruction, teaching and learning methods, and standards of curriculum fosters cohesion between individual instructors and subsequently each program. This cohesion creates a learning community of talented, passionate instructors who desire to grow in their own knowledge and to continually improve their teaching abilities.     
Partial Independent Learning  
Bear Heart School massage is a hybrid distance and in residence program. Many classes have theoretical components that are offered in a distance education format, with some live Google Meet classes and/or independent study. The independent lessons are intended to let students get first exposure to foundational information and test memorization skills of that information to maximize time in class with instructors. This aspect of our program is seamlessly woven into the schedule and includes detailed homework assignments , off campus research projects and  hands on practice done at your pace on family and friends.

School Classroom and Facility
Our classroom space is consciously chosen to be a low stress environment, with a professional, warm and relaxing feel to inspire, uplift, and enhance learning, healing, change, and growth.   We have small classes-6 students max and our classroom is perfect for what we are doing. It is an easy to find location with ample, well lit parking. The school is within close to restaurants and snacks for school and has a small kitchenette for students to  use.                                

Program & Campus Highlights 
~Lower cost for program 
~Lower overall costs for attending school-since some of the course theory  will be independent learning, students will reduce the costs for gas, child care and income lost for time off from work 
~Classroom space has all the necessary equipment: massage tables, oils and lotions, blankets, pillows and bolsters, basic class materials and supplies, a full skeleton, anatomy posters, CD's player, reference materials, and Audio/Visual display. 
~An extensive library that includes current massage and healing books and periodicals  
~Energy efficient, healthy, & environmentally friendly products are used. 
~We Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle!

    Prerequisites to Admission
    Before You Apply
    How to Apply    

Prerequisites to Admission 
All Students are required to…
1. Be able to read, write and comprehend the English language
2. Be physically able to perform massage and be on your feet for 1 1/2 hours at a time.            Modalites that are adaptable for special curcumstances/needs can be explored.
3. Present driver’s license or state photo ID or military ID or passport
4. Have received at least one professional massage 

Before You Apply
Think about your schedule

Determine your support system for child care if needed
Ensure you meet the minimum requirements
Start thinking about how you will pay for school- we offer no federal financial aid no FAFSA. Begin to determine your maximum down payment amount and how much you can pay per month.

How to Apply
Fill out the online application

Scheduel a onsite visit and interview with Sheryl.          

Program Schedule Details & Benefits

  • Breaks between sections
  • Make-up days built into the schedule 
  • Flexibility within structure to assure the best learning experience with a reasonable time commitment
  • Programs are divided into Sections for shorter, more focused studying periods throughout the program 
  • Optional Hybrid with starting distance classes first, and doing the hands on portion later.  (not availabe for VA students)
  • NEW!! *Possible Internships in your area to get more hours closer to home, to build your practice quicker! * DPOS approval required for internships, fees may apply. 

Bear Heart School Recognized Holidays 
There are no classes scheduled during a recognized holiday. Practical hours may be open if there is a need, coverage is available, and will be optional attendance for students to do their practical sessions. The holiday hours will be clearly posted. Students will be allowed to make-up work for religious holidays not on our list.

Memorial Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day Weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving (Wed-Sun), Christmas Eve, Christmas ( usually a long winter break from before Solstice/Christmas until after the New Year), New Years Eve, New Years Day

Schedules and Hourly Requirements: General Weekly Schedule
Bear Heart's class schedule varies with each class  but in general count on 15 hours of class per week. 3 days per week.  Bear Heart School does not have set start times that are the same every year. Since we are a small class of 6, we wait until there are enough individuals ready to start and then we set the final schedule. The final schedule will be customized to fit the class’s needs after final enrollment is completed and within the given parameters. A detailed and specific class schedule will be added to every enrollment agreement after detailed and specific student availability is received from every student enrolled in the class. The final schedule will meet the availability requirements each student included in their enrollment agreement. Once the schedule is set, it is fixed and unchangeable. We pride ourselves for having small classes for the best possible student-instructor relationship and learning experience and the lowest tuition for a program of this superior quality. This scheduling process is one way we are able to offer these great programs, with amazing instructors at such a reasonable cost to the student.

Additional Program Schedules: Other programs are scheduled as required and do not follow a set routine like the core programs. Schedules will be posted on line as each program, individual continuing education classes, and community classes are scheduled throughout the year. Be sure to be on notification lists if you are interested in the other programs or courses.

Value in Education

What is included in the costs?  
Samples of massage lotions and oils, skin care products,  a holster for lotion bottles and jars- massage program only, skin care product kits, lotions and oils for clinic and class,  a school t-shirt logo, student liability insurance and student membership In Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, ABMP or Associated Skin Care Professionals ASCP, our professional organizations, handouts, textbooks, and workbooks.  dfbsdf

What do students need to supply?      
Students need to supply their own note taking supplies, 3 sets of sheets and pillow cases, a black t-shirt we will put our logo on for clinic, and homework/practice supplies. Students will also need a massage table to complete homework assignments after the first month of class, there are a few to borrow on a first come first served and a "you break it you replace it" basis.  

Financial Aid Tools & Options

Along with having excellent tools to assist students with the money matters of school, we start the financial assistance by having superior value in massage education. You get more for your money at Bear Heart School; superior instruction, contemporary healing programs, and quality equipment and supplies. Sheryl and the staff of Bear Heart School  are committed to uplifting and supporting every student as they pursue their personal vision while offering the best value for your education.  It’s understandable that cost can sometimes be the most frustrating thing about starting school. Bear Heart School is here to help you find the most effective use of your resources, financial and otherwise. We offer financial assistance options and financial resource education while maintaining an objective, supportive, and optimistic attitude.  Often, it can be difficult to visualize graduation and freedom when personal or financial stress blocks the view.

We are continually looking for and evaluating financial tools and options for our students. Many options may be combined to meet every individual students needs. Upon acceptance, students who need financial aid should schedule a financial needs analysis meeting with Sheryl. Together we will evaluate your current situation and choose the most cost effective programs available. Our goal at Bear Heart School is that your attention be on learning and growing, not distracted by finances. Because the economy has forced many private education lenders to put a freeze on adding new schools, Bear Heart School is unable to offer any outside financing and we have no relationships with outside financing institutions. We will, however, work with you in determining just how much you need to borrow, help you get the paper work in order, and see which payment plan might fit your needs best so you borrow as little as possible and pay as little interest as possible. Combining our payment plans with loans and gifts will give you the best price possible in addition to the freedom of mind to enjoy your learning experience to it’s fullest without the bother of worrying about finances.

Payment Plans
All students are eligible to apply.
Bear Heart School of Massage requires a minimum $500 down payment on supplies and registration fees.  Obviously the more you put down, the less you pay per month. The remaining balance is then divided out for the length of your program into equal payments.  Once the program is complete, payments may be extended for a monthly fee. No transcripts can be issued until your program is paid in full. 
Education Loans
Bear Heart School of Massage is committed to responsible lending.
Our belief is that you should not borrow unless you have no choice. Don't be talked into loans for school and expenses if you can do it without them. It is very difficult to repay education loans and build a practice. You still have to pay back loans and if you borrow $15,000 you may pay back $30,000. Essentially your education cost is significantly increased. Just because you qualify for a loan doesn't mean it is a good idea. Graduate debt free or with manageable debt. Let us help you figure out what loans make sense for you as you start your career.

Personal Education Loans 
Go to your own bank and investigate private education loans.
Be sure to ask about deferred payment while you are in school.  
Other Loan Options
New opportunities are always presenting themselves ask for news. ​​​​