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    Cannabis 101 March 10

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​    Holistic Bodywork March 11

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   Osteopathic Manual Therapy

   Advanced Esthetician CEU's

​       Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning,            Microneedling, Chemical Peels


Dear Student,

Let me introduce myself and share a little about my background and the history of Bear Heart School.
    In 1991, I started getting interested in natural healing from Tom Brown, Jr.  Tracker School. Tom is a renowned author, spiritual teacher, and has devoted his life to passing on the teachings of his mentor, Stalking Wolf. I continued to study with Tom for several years absorbing everything he had to pass on. I feel blessed to have found this powerful way of living, learning, and teaching.
    After studying with Tom Brown Jr., I was empowered about personal and spiritual growth and ways of healing that are in harmony with our natural way of being and the earth itself. This is when I started following the direction of the vision I had in a sweat lodge over 19 years ago when I was deeply called to do healing work as my life’s journey. I moved from Texas to Fort Collins, Colorado where I began my studies at the Healing Arts Institute, under Craig McLaughlin, Paul Witt, Gary Salinger and many other gifted teachers. I had a wonderful education there and am a proud graduate; it was the perfect place for me to be and still continues to be an excellent school.
    I have also had the privilege to study with Dr. Paige Bailey. Dr. Bailey created a study program to help reorganize the nervous system through education and study in an attempt to correct and heal illnesses and conditions not responding to conventional medical treatments. His Educotherapy work is groundbreaking and has shown great success. It was a great help to my Mother and myself. Mom’s diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia took me even deeper into natural healing, especially as it relates to stress, mind-body issues, attitude, holistic methods like herbs, nutrition, and massage, and general joy and happiness about life. Her courage and openness to try everything to heal herself is a permanent driving force within me that helps me as a woman, teacher, and a therapist everyday.
    It was during this time that my Father, John Daniel, bought me my first professional massage. I recall how fabulous I thought it was and was instantly hooked. My Dad and I also took a partner massage class for my first organized learning in the discipline and that ignited the initial spark for me to study massage. He was a continual support for my education in massage and in life. I eventually moved to Fort Collins and thought I would to go to massage school and massage my way through graduate school in psychology. Eighteen years later, I am still a massage therapist and I still love it. My Father’s support and belief that I would be successful at whatever I chose to do continues to be expressed in the way I support my students and clients along their journey of growth and healing. My sister, Pam, continues my parents legacy of love and is a major contributor of support and wisdom for me and my school.
    I started my massage practice in Ft. Collins, Colorado in 1994. A few years later I began teaching an herbs and nutrition course at a massage school. Eventually, I moved into teaching many other course including Neuromuscular Therapy, Prenatal Massage, History of Massage, Chair Massage, Herbs & Nutrition, and Interpersonal Communication. I also developed and taught continuing education classes including Energy & Chakra work, Reiki, and Raindrop Therapy. I then began working in an administrative capacity focused on instructor support and curriculum development which led to a COMTA accreditation for the school. I moved on because I wanted to teach in the manner in which I thought today’s massage students deserved and needed to evolve into today’s healing professional with the focus on students, instruction and professionalism. Today, the massage and holistic healing professions are going through tremendous growth and change, I believe fresh ideas and approaches to ancient, tried and true healing modalities are needed for today’s massage student.
    My earlier vision has manifested in Bear Heart School of Massage. My school is my passion and my joy and I can honestly say I love what I do. Creating this learning and growing community with you in mind has been a wonderful, exciting, and deeply fulfilling experience that nourishes my spirit. I hope you will feel comfortable allowing me to guide and support you as you step into your own VISION and JOY. It is truly my pleasure.
    I can promise you a wonderful, supportive, and exciting time with us at Bear Heart School of Massage. We are a group of professionals passionately committed to helping you realize your own highest potential. We joyfully offer continued support for the rest of your career and the rest of your life. I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your own amazing JOURNEY!

All Good Medicine,
     Sheryl  D. Daniel  BA, LMT, NMT, BMT, HNC



The Journey of Bear Heart School  ~ a letter from the founder

Our Mission

Bear Heart School of Massage provides a dynamic, contemporary education in massage, bodywork, and movement therapies. The foundation of every educational program is rooted in ancient healing arts that blend beautifully with current scientific and holistic theories on healing the mind, body, and spirit. Encouraging students to become skilled massage therapists and healers able to educate and support their clients’ individual healing process is our primary focus. This is the first step to creating a successful business as a massage therapist or holistic health professional. Every instructor has had a successful practice in massage therapy or their field of specialty for at least 20 years. Bear Heart School of Massage instructors teach because they are passionate about healing and enjoy lifting others up with their knowledge. The faculty and staff of Bear Heart School of Massage are fully committed to supporting our students and graduates in creating success in their study of healing, in their businesses, and in their lives. Discovering with each student what their personal best looks and feels like is a particularly exciting part of the journey to graduation for all of us at Bear Heart School of Massage.


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Cannabis 101 and Massage

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Advanced Massage and

Manual Therapy
Advanced Esthetics

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