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                                                      Online Catalog Vol  14 , January 2019

Continuing Education 

March 9 & 10th, 2019  1-7 pm

Advanced Seminar Series I & II

Subject: Cannabis Massage & Holistic Bodywork

Until Feb 15: $399 tuition includes all class materials including book and topical making ingredients. After Feb 15: Tuition is $499.

To enroll please contact Sheryl Daniel owner of Bear Heart 970-237-0346 or

Any other questions email your instructor, Jordan,

In this amazing two day class students will demonstrate proficiency in the application of various herbal topical treatments for healing. Students will learn recipes, hands on application of natural, safe healing remedies using herbs and essential oils to aid in detoxification, reduce inflammation, increase circulation to muscles and soft tissues, and induce the relaxation response.

Day 1: Lecture
-the history of cannabis
-common myths and misconceptions
-the endocannabinoid system
-the differences between THC, CBD and other cannabinoids
-the entourage effect
-what terpenes are
-the benefits of cannabis massage
-best practices for the best form of massage therapy there is
-legal issues
-how to monetize your new skill
-topicals making

Day 2: Hands On

Feel the difference plant medicine and holistic bodywork makes on Day 2 when you put your new knowledge into practice with a very hands on day of awesomeness.
Everything you need for class will be provided. Including tea and snacks.

CEU's: Advanced Seminar Series/Holistic Bodywork without cannabis is eligible for 6 hours of NCB CEU's.

April 6 & 7th, 2019  ** No openings** 

****New course added May 3 & 4, 1-7, 2019****
Advanced Seminar Series I & II
Subject: Osteopathic Manual Therapy

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! Until April 15: $249 

After April 15: Tuition is $199. 

$75 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot

Cost includes all class materials and supplies except your sheets. 

To enroll please contact Sheryl Daniel owner of Bear Heart 970-237-0346 or 
by email:

Pay to begin registration, send payment to:

or using the venmo app:  Sheryl-Daniel-1
Any other questions email your instructor, Helen Daniel,

Find the event on Facebook​ 

This will be a game changing class for all bodyworkers. 
* Upgrade the efficacy of your work
* Increase the accuracy of your assessment
* Find the source 'anchor' of the soft tissue issue dysfunction

* Reduce strain on your body

This is the first class, and prerequisite to an optional series offered monthly,  that gives us advanced, specialized assessment and treatments using and understanding the amazing Primary Respiratory Mechanism PRM (aka the cranial-sacral rhythm).

Helen Daniel LMT, will teach us to assess with precise accuracy and completely treat the whole body in this 7 part series.

This first course is a prerequisite to all following classes in the series. Space is limited to 8.

The courses in order are:
1 Understanding and Assessing the PRM
2 Cranial Suture: Assessment, Mobilization, & Mechanics
3 Neck: Assessment, Mobilization, & Mechanics
4 Thoracic /Ribs/Organ: Assessment, Mobilization, & Mechanics
5 Lumbar: Assessment, Mobilization, & Mechanics
6 Pelvis: Assessment, Mobilization, & Mechanics
7 Extremities-shoulder, arm, legs: Assessment, Mobilization, & Mechanics